Bakgoni Geotechnical Engineering (Pty) Ltd
being a SANAS accredited testing

laboratory with a accreditation number
T1018. Deliver a comprehensive quality
control and assurance service that includes
our own quality control system for the
contractor to achieve their quality product
and support to implement.

Bakgoni Geotechnical Engineering (Pty) Ltd
Provide Quality Control Services to
Road Authorities and Project Engineers

  • Testing of Road and Civil Engineering Materials
  • Testing of Soils and Aggregates for Geotechnical Engineering Materials
  • Quality Control Laboratories with the Quality Control System
  • Quality Assurance Laboratories with Quality Assurance Systems
  • As-Build Records and Compiling As-Build Documents
  • Pavement Designs and Recommendations
  • Asphalt Designs and Recommendations
  • Geotechnical Investigations and Recommendations
  • Seal and Slurry Designs and Recommendations
  • Quality Control on Crushing Plants and Asphalt Plants

Structuring of testing programmes to meet particular design requirements

Road Rehabilitation and Pavement Design

Bakgoni Geotechnical Engineering (Pty) Ltd Specialises
in Road Rehabilitation Design Technology that include
Pavement Designs that Incorporate the latest Mechanistic
Pavement Design Methods and Computer Programs.

Construction Materials Design

Bakgoni Geotechnical Engineering (Pty) Ltd has Expert Knowledge
in Construction Materials Design that includes Asphalt Mix
Design using Bitumen and Polymer Modified Binders,
Natural and Recycled Soil Material Stabilisation Design,
Concrete Mix Design and Road Seal Design.

Construction Materials Testing

For the last 20 years, Bakgoni Geotechnical Engineering (Pty) Ltd have
Offered a Full Range of Materials Testing to Suit the Requirements of
National and International Civil Engineering Contractors, Consultants
and Government Agencies. Bakgoni Geotechnical Engineering (Pty) Ltd
is in the Enviable Position of having Highly Skilled and Qualified Staff
that Prides Themselves in Providing High Quality Results and Excellent
Customer Service.

Diagnostic Reporting and As-build Services

By Bakgoni Geotechnical Engineering (Pty) Ltd We Pride Ourselves
that We don’t just Provide Test Results but we Provide a Summary
on the Outcome of it. We Can Provide Recommendations at
Request with Regards to Approvals of Results.

Geotechnical Soil Testing

Bakgoni Geotechnical Engineering (Pty) Ltd also Specialises
in Geotechnical Soils Testing that Include CPT Investigations,
Test Pit Excavation and Pro
filing, Undisturbed Sampling and
Testing of Soils for Residential and Industrial Developments.

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