Aggregate Testing Laboratory



Bakgoni Geotechnical Engineering (Pty) Ltd offers a full range of
materials testing to suit the requirements of national and international
civil engineering contractors, consultants and government agencies.
Bakgoni is in the enviable position of having highly skilled and qualified
staff that prides themselves in providing high-quality results and
excellent customer service.

  • Concrete
  • Asphalt and Bitumen
  • Soil and gravel
  • Aggregate Grading
  • Aggregate Crushing Value
  • 10 per cent Fines Aggregate Crushing Test
  • Flakiness
  • Average Least Dimension


  • Bulk Density on aggregates
  • Dry Bulk Relative Density
  • Apparent Relative Density
  • Water Demand of fine aggregate
  • Bulking of Fine Aggregates
  • Soundness Test
  • Organic Impurities
  • Shrinkage Properties of Concrete Aggregate
  • Soluble Deleterious Material
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